Assesment of sexual dimorphism by morphometric analysis using occlusal radiographic measurements in Kashmiri population

Author Details : Altaf Hussain Chalkoo, Shazia Maqbool, Bashir Ahmed Wani, Nusrat Nazir*, Towseefa Jan

Volume : 5, Issue : 2, Year : 2019

Article Page : 34-37

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Introduction: Determination of gender not only reflects a social demand, but also aids in medico-legal requirements. During mass fatalities only the part of skull is available for forensic examination. Cases where corpses are beyond recognition, medical/dental records and radiographs help in differentiation of gender. Dental arches analysis by occlusal radiographic measurements can also be used for identification of a person.
Aims: To determine gender by morphometric measurements of dental arches using occlusal radiographic measurements.
Materials and Methods: Sixty standardized occlusal radiographs of 30 males and 30 females in the age range of 20-25 years were taken and traced on a tracing paper. Median line and a line touching vestibular portions of central incisors were drawn. From this intersecting point ‘I’, a line was drawn to vestibular portion (which represents the most prominent area) of canine, second premolar and second molar on both sides, in both arches, for angular measurements. Linear measurements relative to the width of the arches were made in three segments- in the region of canines, premolars and second molars. The obtained data was statistically analysed.
Result: Only one linear measurement” p-p” were significantly larger in males than in females and only one angular measurement “PIBL” were found statistically significant for gender differentiation.
Conclusion: Linear and angular measurements can be used for gender differentiation in kashmiri population.

Keywords: Dental arches analysis, Forensics, Occlusal radiographic measurements, Sexual dimorphism.

How to cite : Chalkoo A H, Maqbool S, Wani B A, Nazir N, Jan T, Assesment of sexual dimorphism by morphometric analysis using occlusal radiographic measurements in Kashmiri population. IP Int J Maxillofac Imaging 2019;5(2):34-37

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